Proof of concept

As a part of a master thesis, the concept idea of TruePico has been tested in the Norwegian hydro-technical laboratory at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway. The concept has been proven to have the potential to work in a very wide range of discharges (8%-500%) with the power output still increasing, and efficiency reaching up to 85%. Compare this to conventional turbines, which, unlike our prototype, have not been built in a garage.

Debris resistance test of TruePico prototype


Patent Registration for a Low RPM Generator

Our ongoing effort focuses on securing a patent for our low RPM generator concept, which is capable of producing electricity at speeds as low as 1 RPM. This innovation eliminates the need for mechanical transmissions, ensuring simplicity comparable to conventional generators. The implications are profound, not only for the TruePico hydropower unit but for a wide range of machinery. This generator promises to reduce complexity, minimize efficiency losses, and significantly decrease weight, revolutionizing power generation across multiple industries.

The pilot project in Rotifunk, sierra Leone

TruePico has been blessed with an offer to do a pilot project in Rotifunk, Sierra Leone, in cooperation with the Foreningen Norge Sierra Leone. Local rivers exhibit both extremely low and high discharges due to the rainy and dry seasons of West Africa. This is a great opportunity to prove that TruePico is up for such challenges.

Future projects

hybrid grid study

We were offered to participate in a study of the performance of a hybrid grid, that would use hydropower, solar, and batteries. As TruePico hydro performs differently from conventional hydro, a hybrid grid that utilizes it will likely have some advantages, for example allowing for smaller batteries.