Photo of Albert Halenka - founder of TruePico
Albert Halenka – Founder of TruePico

The idea of a pico hydropower unit that uses an overshot waterwheel originated roughly in 2015 when my father and I started to discuss it as a pastime thing. For a long time, it was just that, although gradually growing more serious with the research we have done and new thoughts we came up with.

A breaking point came in 2021 when I spoke to a friend of mine about the most recent details of our idea. His claim that „It is not possible, and if it was, someone would have done it already“ was the last straw, as the saying goes. That year, I applied and was accepted to the master‘s program of Hydropower development at the Norwegian NTNU to pursue the further development of this „impossible“ idea.

Now is the year 2023. A laboratory test that is to prove the concept of our hydropower unit is ongoing in the Norwegian hydro-technical laboratory, and the TruePico start-up is coming to life. The list of our future projects is growing, and so is our network and enthusiasm.